Tips for Finding a Legitimate Smartphone Replacement Battery on eBay

It is becoming a rare thing to have a user replaceable battery on a smartphone these days. Personally, I love the option to easily replace an old battery or simply have the option to swap in a fully charged battery in just a few minutes time versus having to charge up.  If you do have the option it can be difficult to find a good replacement battery on eBay, which a lot of the time is the only place they are available.

I have successfully purchased many replacement batteries for my smartphones on eBay by checking all of the factors below before buying. It may seem like a bit much, but it can help save the headache of having to return an item, or worse, getting a battery that may damage your device.

0. Most important tip: If the listing feels shady then it probably is

  1. The listing must state OEM somewhere in the title of the listing
  2. Must be listed in new condition
  3. Price needs to be reasonable, anything “too good to be true” is a red flag
  4. An image of the battery that matches what you have (no-brainer)
  5. Some sellers are now posting images of them visually testing the battery with a multi-meter, I tend to lean towards these listings
  6. I have found that sellers that have several of the item in stock tend to be better than one-off listings
  7. The seller must have a (decent) return policy (no-brainer)
  8. The seller must have good feedback (another no-brainer)
  9. If there is negative feedback, read it and see what the problems were. A lot of the time the product itself wasn’t the issue and it was really the user just being upset over something you wouldn’t be upset about (“They didn’t ship it the second I ordered! BUYER BEWARE!”)
  10. I scour through a bunch of the seller’s most recent feedback and look at any feedback for people that purchased batteries (usually they sell batteries for other devices too)

Feel free to leave any tips you might have in the comments below. Also, let me know if you think I’m off base on anything in the list above.