How to Take RAW Photos on the LG Q6… You Read That Right!

If you’ve listened to my podcast of late, you know I’ve been happily using the LG Q6 for about a month and it has been a delight to have a daily driver (minus that scrappy speaker). LG’s Android software has become more and more useful the longer I use it. To add to even more to its repertoire I recently discovered that the Q6 is capable of taking RAW photos. The ability to shoot RAW requires your device have Android’s camera2 API and that is a feature that you almost never find on lower end devices like the Q6 with a Snapdragon 435 processor. Bonus!

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Clever Domain Name Extensions

If you look up in the address bar (or down if you’re using a Windows Mobile device) you’ll see that I use the unique domain name extension “.im” in order to neatly make the word pixelswim. I’ve seen other sites do this sort of thing as well.

Here’s the thing: it’s purely for aesthetics in the browser and you’ll only see it while visiting the site. I don’t use the “.im” domain extension on any of my business cards, in my email address or anywhere else I advertise this site, including verbal exchanges. I use “” and forward it to this domain because it’s much easier for someone to remember and more ubiquitous with what a web address is (here in the U.S. anyway, but it applies to all standard domain extensions).

This is how I think these clever domain extensions should work. Do you agree?

P.S. this doesn’t really apply to extensions that are full words in themselves like “.audio” etc.

Thoughts on Phone Speakers

I like/appreciate a good and loud single speaker or stereo speakers on a smartphone. I work at home and take a lot of speakerphone calls and listen to podcasts. Wearing headphones all day isn’t the most comfortable thing plus it’s isolating from my surroundings. I use a Bluetooth speaker once and a while for music, but it’s nice to be able to move about the house with a podcast blaring nicely from my pocket as I get some coffee and such. All this said, I’m not much of an audiophile so even some nice background music suffices from a phone with a good speaker setup.

Let me know your thoughts on phone speakers. Does the quality matter to you?

Tips for Finding a Legitimate Smartphone Replacement Battery on eBay

It is becoming a rare thing to have a user replaceable battery on a smartphone these days. Personally, I love the option to easily replace an old battery or simply have the option to swap in a fully charged battery in just a few minutes time versus having to charge up.  If you do have the option it can be difficult to find a good replacement battery on eBay, which a lot of the time is the only place they are available.

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